Wednesday, December 7, 2016

thank you letter wendy

Thank You Wendy 

Mrs . M .kapea
Riverdale School
324 stout street
Gisborne 4010
Tuesday 6th December 2016

Miss .W. Fraser
28 Ormond road
Gisborne 4010

Dear Wendy
Thank you for coming to splash planet. I appreciate you coming and I hope you had a great time. I enjoyed the slides and pools it was fun. I loved the go karts, bumper boats, jungle jeeps and the kayaks.  Thank you for coming.

Your sincerely ,

Micah Kapea  

thank you letter karly


thank you.

Mrs . M . Kapea

Riverdale School
324 stout street
Gisborne 4010

Thursday 8th December 2016

Miss . K . Kapea
Te Hapara
7 Clarence street

Dear Karly (mum)   
Thank you for coming to the splash planet. If you didn’t come we would have not gone to splash planet. Thank you so much. The ride that was my favorite is the Go Kart. Because when I turn the handle it was so sharp that I crashed into everything. I learnt that we worked as a team.

Your sincerely,

Micah Kapea.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

action week

                                                                 Action week

On our first action week day we done some art.
We done pastel art of sunset and sunrise I done both.

On our second day of action week we went to the BMX track.
On my first try I fell of but I got back up and started biking again.

on our third day of action week  we went to the museum and done some lanterns my one crunch up when the teacher put it in to the lamanaitor.

On our forth day we watched movies. We watch miss peregrine home for peculiar children and ice age collision course. 

 on our firth day on action week we went to splash planet. We went on everything.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

making wakas

Firstly we learned about floating & sinking.

horouta. Then we planned with our group.
materials.we started our plan. then we started building it.
after we look for some ideas
then we tested it.                         

Monday, September 19, 2016

longer weekends

Longer Weekends Speech Ko Hikurangi toku maunga Ko Waiapu toku awa Ko Horouta toku waka Ko Ngati Porou toku iwi Ko Te Auwera toku marae Ko Selwyn Te Puni toku koroua Ko Mary Rihia toku kuia Ko Joshua Te Puni toku papa Ko Karly Kapea toku mama Ko Micah Kapea taku ingoa Longer weekends. The weekend’s are too short. Hi today i’m going to tell you why we should have longer weekends. My first reason is, that we need longer weekends so we can have some more family time. If we have a tangi we will have to miss school and then we have to do MORE homework,math,writing and reading. If you have you have a birthday to attend to and it was a school day than you have to do MORE work from the day the birthday was. We might be overrun with things in your head and you need some rest you might not have enough rest. Another point is,we might go travelling and we are going to miss school. We might go on vacation and but you'd stayed at school for 100% attendance then that’s over. So if family had no work than there lonely and they want to have some family time with family. The week is made up of 7 days and we go to school or work for 5 days and we relax for 2 days I think we should have 4 days of school or work and 3 days of relaxation so we can be ready for the week ahead. Finally, I believe that we work so hard at work or school that you're overrun with all these things in your head feels like your head is going to explode. If you are sick people might think you are changing schools or not coming to school. If you want to bunk school and you watch TV you will get dumber and dumber. I feel like we should have some more family time but you can’t do that is just 2 days but you can do it in three days. You might daydream in class that you get detention and your parents get so upset you get grounded for being bad. In conclusion, I have explained why we should have longer weekends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Brazil report

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world. Brazil is the biggest country in south America. Brazil is the 3rd largest country in America. On October 12th it is children’s day and it’s bigger than Christmas. In this information report I will tell you more about Brazil...

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and is the largest country in south America. The capital city is Brasilia how ever Brasilia is the fourth largest city in Brazil. Brazil is named after a tree named Brazil wood. It is called Brasil in Portuguese, the official language spoken in Brazil.

The Macaw is the national animal of Brazil also Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.children's day is on 12th October but it’s bigger than Christmas. Brazil has the 2nd highest number of Airports in the world, after U.S. The main language is Portuguese.

Olympic team:
Brazil is hosting the 2016 Rio Olympic games and the FIFA world cup. There’s an underground river in Brazil, that might be as long, But hundred’s of times wider. Brazil has hosted the 2014. World cup. Brazil has won the world cup five times.

In conclusion, I have told you Brazil's Olympic team, culture and demographics. I have learnt that Brazil has hosted the 2014 world cup.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

swaying trees

Swaying trees
YAYYY! On Monday my class walk to the giant frosty field. When we got to the field we got ready to run. “Ready set go” said the the teacher.

We all were running with each other.when we touch the standing tiny grass it looked if it was standing people. Looking at the old creaky old trees made me feel scared. Looking at the hair falling made me laugh.

The people in front of med were falling behind making me run in front of them. When I catched up to my my friend paige it made me happy. Once the 10 minutes were finnish I looked at the trees dancing and swaying in the wind it was a tree party. I felt exhausted after the run for 10 minutes .

seeing my whanau

Going To See My Whanau 20160203_122924.jpg
yay !!! We are going on  road trip.
On Monday my mum and dad  started up the car. “Let's go mum said”.

Why are we going on a road trip? To see my family of course my mum said . looking out the window at abandoned cars, look at the hair losing paint it looked creepy. I heard heaps of cars on the way the there. “ let’s have have lunch” dad said “ yay”  we all said. “Can we have KFC “dad please I said  “okay” dad said “yay” I said. Once I smelled the food my mouth was watery.

Finally we are in rotorua. Peeu it smelled like a stinky skunk.
It’s the mud pools mum said, where are we? We are in Hamilton. Let’s see my family mum said. I felt incredible after that.
Micah Te Wherowhero year 5
We are learning to write an explanation report

Why do we recycle?
We are making too much waste and rubbish. Our animals are dying because they are eating our rubbish!!!. The water is changing because of lactate from a plastic bottle!. But if we plant more trees there will be less pollution in the world. If we reduce,reuse and recycle there we be less rubbish. If we pick up after yourself animals will not eat your rubbish.

Is to convert waste into reusable material. Recycling is a way to have less  waste and rubbish. You can recycle cardboard,cans,bottles,paper. We  recycle so we can have less rubbish

Is to use again or use more than the action of using something.Reusing means that we use something more than once. We reuse so the earth is cleaner.

make smaller or less in amount of trash or size.To  reduce waste, means that we  should be using less trash than we need. It also means that we should be able to plan ahead so that we are able to minimize the amount of rubbish we are creating.  You can use cloth bags instead of plastic because it stronger and reusable.

In conclusion, I have explained how to reduce,reuse and recycle and why it’s important. I have learnt that NZ has made 3.6 billion bag from a store each year.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

walking to my bus stop

Image result for silver shiny snowflakeWalking To My Bus Stop
 Brr! On a wintery morning my Cousins, brother and me walk outside  feeling the freezing glacial wind.

On our way to our bus stop I was going to feel the frozen crisp grass Once I felt the grass I had numb, frozen feet when I walk across the gigantic, icy field.

Later we were waiting for the bus, While we were waiting for the bus we all had goose bumps all over our body it’s fre fre freezing I said. Once the giant bus came we all lined up ready to walk on the bus. When we walk on the the bus felt the warm,heated heater on the bus.

When we got to school I was still freezing when I hop off. We all were chatting “can we go please” We  all walk to our smooth ,white class. The bell rang “bring” we all lined up like the fast swirl wind.

Ready to go to assembly, the awesome incredible teacher Mr.K  let’s have a great learning day.                        

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

musician prince suddenly dies

Weekly News
Reading Activity

Name: Micah Year Level: 5

Title of News Report
Musician prince dies suddenly  
Web Address:
What were the main points? (Summarizing)
Musician prince died in his house in Minnesota age 57.
Emergency workers tried revive him and he was pronounced dead.
Prince became a global superstar in 1980s with albums such as 1999, Purple Rain and sign O times.
Prince sold more than 100 million albums during his career.    
What did I learn? (Clarifying)
He died at the age of 57.
That there pronounced him dead
That he was a global superstar in 1980s
He sold more than 100 million albums during his career.
He wrote his first song when he was 7.
What questions do I now have? (Questioning)
What was the age when he turned into a superstar?
How did he die?
What was his real name?
What inspired him to be a superstar?
Other Comments:
He was born June 7, 1858 he died April 21 2016.      Academy award for the film purple rain.
Prince Rogers Nelson is his birth name.                Minneapolis, Minnesota was where he was born.
Best-selling artist of all time.
Sold 1 million records.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Swimming sports.
I was standing on the diving block. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. My stomach begins to ease like milk . Here I go I said to myself, my arms were racing like the wind and my legs were kicking like a boat engine. I was kicking as fast as a cheater when I was doing backstroke. I was swimming like a dolphin up & down up & down. I was freezing like a pack of ice. After that I race out of the water as fast as a polar bear jumping out the freezing azure water. Later I was doing another stroke I  was swimming like a butterfly when I breathe my arms go round like helicopters propellers. I was swimming like a frog it was ridiculous. We had a free swim I felt like and excited kitten. We were finished swimming and got dressed and lined up, I lined up as quiet as a person lining up to go to the army. We walk into the bus, the  bus was going faster than a cheater. It was the end of school.