Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Swimming sports.
I was standing on the diving block. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. My stomach begins to ease like milk . Here I go I said to myself, my arms were racing like the wind and my legs were kicking like a boat engine. I was kicking as fast as a cheater when I was doing backstroke. I was swimming like a dolphin up & down up & down. I was freezing like a pack of ice. After that I race out of the water as fast as a polar bear jumping out the freezing azure water. Later I was doing another stroke I  was swimming like a butterfly when I breathe my arms go round like helicopters propellers. I was swimming like a frog it was ridiculous. We had a free swim I felt like and excited kitten. We were finished swimming and got dressed and lined up, I lined up as quiet as a person lining up to go to the army. We walk into the bus, the  bus was going faster than a cheater. It was the end of school.