Wednesday, May 25, 2016

walking to my bus stop

Image result for silver shiny snowflakeWalking To My Bus Stop
 Brr! On a wintery morning my Cousins, brother and me walk outside  feeling the freezing glacial wind.

On our way to our bus stop I was going to feel the frozen crisp grass Once I felt the grass I had numb, frozen feet when I walk across the gigantic, icy field.

Later we were waiting for the bus, While we were waiting for the bus we all had goose bumps all over our body it’s fre fre freezing I said. Once the giant bus came we all lined up ready to walk on the bus. When we walk on the the bus felt the warm,heated heater on the bus.

When we got to school I was still freezing when I hop off. We all were chatting “can we go please” We  all walk to our smooth ,white class. The bell rang “bring” we all lined up like the fast swirl wind.

Ready to go to assembly, the awesome incredible teacher Mr.K  let’s have a great learning day.                        

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

musician prince suddenly dies

Weekly News
Reading Activity

Name: Micah Year Level: 5

Title of News Report
Musician prince dies suddenly  
Web Address:
What were the main points? (Summarizing)
Musician prince died in his house in Minnesota age 57.
Emergency workers tried revive him and he was pronounced dead.
Prince became a global superstar in 1980s with albums such as 1999, Purple Rain and sign O times.
Prince sold more than 100 million albums during his career.    
What did I learn? (Clarifying)
He died at the age of 57.
That there pronounced him dead
That he was a global superstar in 1980s
He sold more than 100 million albums during his career.
He wrote his first song when he was 7.
What questions do I now have? (Questioning)
What was the age when he turned into a superstar?
How did he die?
What was his real name?
What inspired him to be a superstar?
Other Comments:
He was born June 7, 1858 he died April 21 2016.      Academy award for the film purple rain.
Prince Rogers Nelson is his birth name.                Minneapolis, Minnesota was where he was born.
Best-selling artist of all time.
Sold 1 million records.