Monday, September 19, 2016

longer weekends

Longer Weekends Speech Ko Hikurangi toku maunga Ko Waiapu toku awa Ko Horouta toku waka Ko Ngati Porou toku iwi Ko Te Auwera toku marae Ko Selwyn Te Puni toku koroua Ko Mary Rihia toku kuia Ko Joshua Te Puni toku papa Ko Karly Kapea toku mama Ko Micah Kapea taku ingoa Longer weekends. The weekend’s are too short. Hi today i’m going to tell you why we should have longer weekends. My first reason is, that we need longer weekends so we can have some more family time. If we have a tangi we will have to miss school and then we have to do MORE homework,math,writing and reading. If you have you have a birthday to attend to and it was a school day than you have to do MORE work from the day the birthday was. We might be overrun with things in your head and you need some rest you might not have enough rest. Another point is,we might go travelling and we are going to miss school. We might go on vacation and but you'd stayed at school for 100% attendance then that’s over. So if family had no work than there lonely and they want to have some family time with family. The week is made up of 7 days and we go to school or work for 5 days and we relax for 2 days I think we should have 4 days of school or work and 3 days of relaxation so we can be ready for the week ahead. Finally, I believe that we work so hard at work or school that you're overrun with all these things in your head feels like your head is going to explode. If you are sick people might think you are changing schools or not coming to school. If you want to bunk school and you watch TV you will get dumber and dumber. I feel like we should have some more family time but you can’t do that is just 2 days but you can do it in three days. You might daydream in class that you get detention and your parents get so upset you get grounded for being bad. In conclusion, I have explained why we should have longer weekends.

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